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When Rabbi Gold was knighted by the Queen, as part of the knighting ceremony, he had to kneel before the Queen. And as we all know, Jews do not bow before anyone except Hashem. On top of that, he was told to recite a paragraph from the Christian liturgy during the actual knighting. The rabbi was in a quandary, as this was being televised, but he could NOT violate the Jewish laws.

The five honorees were lined up waiting for the Queen to receive them. As her royal highness entered the room all kneeled, except for Rabbi Gold. The Queen noticed this, but diplomatically ignored it. Then, the Queen began knighting each person. When she came to Rabbi Gold who still wasn't kneeling, she looked at him expectantly. Realizing she was waiting for the Latin recitation, he began to sweat and shake with nervousness. Then, in a fit of utter desperation, he said the first thing that came to mind, "Ma nish tana halilah hazeh!"

The Queen, perplexed, turned to the Prince and asked, "Why is this knight different from all other knights?"...

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