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After two days in the desert, Abdul's camel was about to collapse."Saddam," Abdul ordered, "bring her over here to the watering hole!"Saddam brought the camel to the watering hole, but no matter what they did, the camel would not drink. Knowing that the camel would die if it did not drink, Abdul came up with an idea. "We will have to force the camel drink," Abdul explained, "Saddam, when I hold the camels head under the water, you start sucking through it's arsehole, and it will be forced to drink!"Knowing they would die if the camel didn't drink, Saddam went to the rear of the camel. As Abdul stuck the camel's head under the water, Saddam began sucking on the camel's arsehole. After a couple of minutes sucking on the arsehole, Saddam shouted to Abdul, "Lift her head a little, she's sucking mud!"
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