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A primary school teacher told her pupils that if they could answer the question given to them, then they could go to lunch early. She asked little Mary in the front row, "What did you do at morning break, Mary?"

Mary replied that she had played in the sand pit. "OK, Mary," said the teacher, "If you can spell sand for me then you can go."

So Mary spelt out "S-A-N-D" and off she went.

Then she asked Johnny, "What did you do at morning break, Johnny?" Johnny replied that he had also been playing in the sandpit.

So the teacher said, "If you can spell pit for me then you can go as well." So Johnny spelled out "P-I-T" and took off as well.

There was a little Chinese boy, standing at the back of the room and she said to him, "Ho Chi Min, what did you do at morning break?"

Ho Chi Min replied that he had wanted to play in the sandpit, but the other kids wouldn't let him, so the teacher said, "Okay, Ho Chi Min, if you can spell racial prejudice for me then you can go to lunch as well."

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