After not having sex for years, a woman begins to get more and more upset so she decided to seek help from an oriental sex therapist.When she entered the examination room, Dr. Chan looked at her and said, "Take of your crows! Now 'get down on your hands and knees and craw velly, velly fast away from me to the other side of the room. Hokay, now turn aroun an craw velly, velly fast back to me."The woman did exactly as she was told and Dr Wang walked to his desk shaking his head."Ah," said Dr Wang, "You have vey bad probrem. You are suffering from Ed Zachary disease! The worse case I have ever seen! That why you not have dates. That why you not have sex!""But doctor," replied the woman, "What is Ed Zachary disease?"Dr Wang replied, "It's when your face rook Ed Zachary like your ass!"

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