A Chinese guy, an Italian and an Irishman arrived for their first day working on a construction site and reported to the foreman's office.

The foreman pointed to a huge pile of sand and said, "I want you three guys to make a huge dent in that sandpile there!"

The foreman then grabbed the Italian and said, "You are in charge of sweeping!" "OK" said the Italian.

The foreman then grabbed the Irishman and said, "You are in charge of digging!" "Righto!" said the Irishman.

The foreman then grabbed the Chinaman and said, "You are in charge of supplies!" "I happy for this job!" replied the Chinaman.

The foreman then leaves the site and when he returned two hours later he found that the pile of sand hasn't been touched and the Italian and the Irishman are standing next to it doing nothing!"Why the fuck havn't you touched any of that sand?" screamed the foreman.

The Italian stepped forward and said, "We both didn't have a broom or a shovel and you let the Chinaman be in charge of supplies, but he disappeared a couple of minutes after you left and we just can't find him!

"The foreman then stormed off in search of the Chinaman but after checking the entire site he couldn't find him. Just as the foreman was about to give up looking the Chinaman suddenly popped his head out of the sand and shouted, "Supplies, I'm here!"


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