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A handsome young man who is wealthy and successful with the ladies was turning thirty years old and decided to relax and stop fooling around and settle down and get married.

But he decides that his wife just has to be a virgin. So he dates numerous girls and after wining and dining them he takes them home and exposes himself. "What is this?" he would ask each girl, pointing to his penis. They would all look bewildered and say, "Ummm, a dick!" and disappointed, he would take them home.

After a few months of trying he met a shy librarian named Ann, he took her out, the same routine, shows himself and says, "What's this?".
Ann replied, "I don't know."

Ecstatic, he marries her and on their honeymoon night he takes her hand and placing it on his dick says, "Now dear, this is a dick!"

"Oh no honey," says Ann, "A dick is much bigger than that, and black!"

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