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Count Dracula decided to go on holiday one day, so he took a plane to Rome and set himself up nicely in a top hotel. Tired and hungry after his long journey, he called up room service. Since nothing on the menu was appealing he simply ordered a sandwich. Dracula quickly grabbed the Italian waiter who delivered the food, bit him hungrily on the neck, drank his blood completely, and tossed him out of the window, where the bloodless corpse fell ten stories and splattered at the feet of a street singer.

Dracula's hunger was great, however, so he decided to order food again. He ordered another sandwich, and when it arrived, he immediately grabbed the room service waiter, bit his neck, drank all his blood and tossed the Italian waiter out the window. The waiter again splattered at the feet of the street singer.

Still Dracula was hungry for more blood, so he then drank a third, fourth and fifth waiter, throwing them all out of the window, all of them splattering next to the street singer.

When the last waiter fell at the street singer's feet he could only sing, "Drained wops keep falling on my head!"

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