A guy is in a bus station, and goes into the men's room to piss. When he walks in, he sees a leprechaun with the most enormous dick he had ever seen. As he pees, he cannot avoid spying on the giant member of the tiny man dressed in green. The leprechaun zips up and the man asks him if he is indeed a leprechaun.

The little man says, "Aye me boy, I'm a leprechaun, and I can grant you three wishes."

"Oh neat," comes the reply, "What do I need to do?"

"Well, havin' such a large cock and all makes it a bit awkward with the ladies, the thing not fittin' and all...i'll grant your three wishes if you wouldn't mind suckin' me dick until I come."

The man is a bit taken aback, but agrees, because he knows he can wish for anything he wants later. After the green man has come, he starts to walk away.

The guy says, "Hey, what about my three wishes?"

The leprechaun asks, "How old are you me boy?"

"28" says the guy.

"Aren't you a wee bit old to still be believin' in leprechauns?"

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