A guy goes up to a bartender and says, "Gimme a gin and tonic." The bartender reached below the bar and puts an apple on the counter. The guy looks at it suspiciously and says, "Where's my drink?"

The bartender says, "Go ahead. Take a bite." Incredibly the first bite tastes like gin. The bartender says, "Turn it around." The guy can't believe it, the other side tastes like tonic. He eats the apple.

A bit later the guy goes back to the bartender, "Gimme a Vodka and orange juice." The bartender again reached under the bar and puts another apple on the counter and says, "Go ahead, take a bite"

The guy can't believe it, it tasted of orange. The bartender says, "turn it around!" The apple tasted of Vodka, so the man eats the apple.

Just about then, a beautiful woman walks in and passes the two men, and the guy at the bar says, "You know, I could sure go for eating some pussy tonight!"

The bartender nods his head and produces another apple. The man stares at the apple and says, "No way man!"

The bartender tells him, "Go ahead and take a bite."

After the first bite the man angrily spits out the apple and says, "Yuck, That apple tastes like shit!"

The bartender looks at the man and calmly says, "Turn it around!"

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