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A weird guy from the city drops into a country pub one night and bets anybody that he can eat the dirtiest, sloppiest turd ever produced. If he can't then the owner of the turd wins $1000.

The first guy to try was a trucker who proceeded to produce a turd that was so runny that it started to run down the cracks in the floor. The city fella licked it all up in no time at all. The next guy to have a go was an old pig raiser ad he did a shit that went from his chair, over the table and onto the next chair. The city dude panicked a bit but still managed to eat it all up in five seconds flat.

Now everyone in the pub was amazed and it looked like the city dude was going to keep all the money. Suddenly a biker walks in and decides to have a go.

He stood on the bar and laid the meanest, smelliest shit anyone had ever seen. It went up the length of the bar, down across the barstools and right to the feet of the city dude. He gets down and starts chomping away but all of a sudden heaves his guts out all over the place.

The biker goes over to the bar, picks up the money and as he is about to leave he decided to stir the dude.

The weird city guy turned around and said, "It wasn't your turd that made me sick. It was the little bastard in the corner picking his nose!"

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