One day two rednecks, Jethro and Ebner were driving down the road drinking beer when they suddenly saw a police road block ahead of them.

"Fucking hell!" screamed Ebner, "I can't get busted again or I will go straight to jail! What the fuck are we gonna do with all these full beers we have left?"

"Hold on there Ebner," replied Jethro, "I have a good plan. First let's drink all the beer then peel the labels off the bottles and stick them to our foreheads, then hide all the empty bottles under our seats!"

Anyway they drink all the remaining bottles, paste the labels to their heads and stash the bottles away just in time when the sheriff knocked on the truck window.

"Afternoon boys," said the sheriff, "Have you two been drinking?"

"No, not us officer," replied Jethro, "We're on the patches!"


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