A southern sheriff was driving along when there was an announcement on his radio that he was urgently needed at the scene of a major accident. When he got there, he found a local farmer filling in a large trench with his tractor.
"What y'all doing, son?" said the sheriff.
"Well sheriff," replied the farmer, "I came across this accident, and I thought that I would do the right thing!"
"And what might that be?" asked the sheriff.
"Well," explained the farmer, "this busload of niggers just got plowed into tiny pieces by the passing train, and they were all killed instantly.....I was just giving them a decent burial!"
"Whoa, son," said the sheriff, "That was fast! Y'all sure every one of them niggers was dead?"
"Well," said the farmer, "two or three of them kept saying they weren't, but you know how them niggers lie all the time!"

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