Two men were inspecting a high rise building and started talking to the worker. "I'll show you how to make some easy money," said the workman, "watch this!" He dropped a brick off the building and yelled, "Falling Brick!"

A lady moved out of the way and the three men rushed down to see if she was all right.
"Oh," said the lady, "thanks for the warning, here's $50.00."

The inspectors thought this was great. When they got back to the top of the building the first inspector threw a brick off, yelled, "Falling brick!" and pocketed $100.00.
The second inspector had a stutter, but he liked a bit of fun.

"I'll-l-l h-h-avh a g-g-go." He said. He pushed the brick off and yelled, "F-f-f......Fuck, I got him!"

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