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One night a beautiful girl was driving her sportscar around the countryside when her car suddenly broke down for no reason. Seeing a light a short distance away, she made her way to a farm and knocked on the door.

The door opened and an elderly farmer appeared. "What do you wan't then girl?" asked the farmer.

"Oh, thank god," replied the girl, "My car has broken down, can I stay the night here until someone comes for me in the morning?"

"Hmmmm," said the farmer suspiciously, "Alright then. But don't you mess with my boys, Wilbur and Walter!"

The two boys, Wilbur and Walter suddenly appeared behind their father and, although severly mentally handicapped, they were both quite handsome and strapping young men.

The girl agreed to leave the two disabled men alone and was shown to the guest room.

After going to bed the girl felt really horny and couldn't get the idea of the two young men in the room next to her out of her head, so she got up and knocked on their bedroom door.

"Wilbur, Walter," whispered the girl, "Would you like me to show you facts of life?"

"Duhhhh?" replied Walter, "Wots thet thun?"

"I will show you just as long as you both wear a condom," said the girl, "I don't want to get pregnant and have a baby, do you understand? I want you both to fuck me!"

The two young retards finally understand what was happening and both agree and the girl is fucked time after time all night long.

Anyway 40 years later Wilbur and Walter are fondly remembering the only sex they ever got in their lives when Wilbur says, "Duhhh, It were bwilliant, but I only have one qweston."

"Duhhh, what's that?" replied Walter.

"Duhhh, Do ya care if thut woman got a baby?" asked Wilbur.

"Duhhhh, no I's don't!" replied Walter.

"I don't either!" said Wilbur, "Lets take these here condoms off now!"

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