One day a fireman was outside his house when he noticed his neighbour's little boy playing in the garden. Wandering over he saw that the little boy was sitting in a little fire engine, wearing a yellow fireman's hat and his pet dog tied to the front of the fire engine."Hey kid," said the fireman, " What are you doing?"

"I'm pretending to be a fireman," replied the little boy, "and this is my fire engine!""That sure is a nice fire engine!" said the fireman looking the fire engine up and down."Thanks!" said the little boy.

Suddenly the fireman notices that the dog has been secured to the fire engine by it's testicles."There just one thing though." said the fireman, "If you tie the rope to the dog's neck your fire engine will go a lot quicker!""Yeah," replied the little boy, "but then I wouldn't have a siren would I?"

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