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These Bloopers Made Watching The News Worthwhile In 2014
A compilation of some of the funniest news bloopers of the year.

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Cops Turn Their Backs On De Blasio At Funeral For NYPD Officer Rafael Ramos
Police officers in NY turn around to protest against their own mayor, at the funeral of a slain cop.

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Turn Up! Man Hospitalized After Chugging Eggnog In Record Time (Video)
Man chugs eggnot at holiday party and ends up in hospital for three days with infection

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Police: Man rejected on Facebook broke into woman's home, set it on fire
A man has been indicted on arson and burglary charges after police said a woman rejected him on Facebook.

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The 233 best viral videos of 2014, in less than 7 minutes
A short compilation featuring some of the best moments from the most viral videos of 2014.

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Timelapse video reveals massive size of New York City protests
Thousands of protesters march the streets of NYC, to fight against systemic injustice.

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Berkeley Protester Confronts Looter – GETS CLUBBED WITH HAMMER
a protester in berkeley, ca tried to prevent a looter from breaking into a store, and was hit in the face with a hammer.

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LA fire: Two major highways closed as 200 firefighters battle 'Huge' fire in Los Angeles
A major fire in the city of Los Angeles has caused two major highways to close.

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Hope You Enjoy Getting DJ Earworms 2014 Song Mash Up Stuck In Your Head 'Til New Years
A DJ elegantly mixes together some of the top songs of the year 2014.

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Forensic Pathologist Crushes Darren Wilson’s Claims That Mike Brown’s Hands Weren’t Held Up When He Shot Him [VIDEO]
video of a well respected forensic patlogist giving his interpretation of the michael brown autopsy.

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Driver fed up with protesters rips away bullhorn
Angry driver pushes student protester on a blocked highway in San Diego.

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Heartbreaking: Dog Tries Reviving Dead Canine Friend Hit By A Car (Video)
A dog tries to revive his canine friend after finding him in the streets of Mexico.

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This Woman Suffers From Six Hours Of Orgasms A Day
a woman w has persistent genital arousal disorder suffers from over six orgasms a day.

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'I'm Not Gay No More!' A Young Man Claiming to be Saved from Being Gay is the Latest Viral Video You Need to Know About
Andrew Caldwell is the center of an unintentional viral video where he proclaims to be 'delivered' from homosexuality.

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Wild Police Chase Careens Through Golf Course, Ends In Fatal Shooting
A van leads police on a chase through a golf course and ends in the death of the suspect.

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