2014 Pranks

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Cops Are Stoners Too: Police Smoking Weed Prank
these pranksters sw what may happen if police officers decide to start smoking pot while on duty.

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Teacher Gets NSFW Surprise When Trying To Erase Whiteboard Drawing (Video)
a teacher gets a dirty surprise when he tries to erase the whiteboard in preparation for cl.

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Bro Dresses Up As A Cop To Pick Up Girls At The Beach
a famous prankster dresses up as a cop, and tries to pick up women in uniform.

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Prankster Uses Fake Spray Paint to Punish Double Park Drivers
Guy pranks double parked drivers with fake spray paint

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Now THIS Is How You Pull Off a Star Wars Prank
Prankster sets up a phenomenal Star Wars prank.

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Teenager Scares His Parents In Terrifying Halloween Prank
Kid pulls the ultimate scare prank on his sleeping parents.

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Hilarious Snowman Halloween Prank Is Back And Better Than Ever (Video)
Prank video featuring a prankster in a scary Snowman costume, scaring unsuspecting passersby.

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WWE Brings Back Classic Wrestler To Scare The Crap Out Of Employees For Halloween
wwe headquarters is terrorized by boogeyman, w scares employees in elevators, meetings and more, as part of a halloween prank.

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Killer Toddler Prank Makes Having Kids Even Scarier Than It Already Is (Video)
video of a prank featuring a scary toddler wielding a knife.

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Blowing Girls Clothes Off Prank!
when this prankster sneezes, he blows so hard that girls clothes come off.

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the funniest pranks are the ones that backfire! check out these epic prank fails and watch what happens when pranks go wrong!

Epic Prank Fails || FailArmy
the funniest pranks are the ones that backfire! check out these epic prank fails and watch what happens when pranks go wrong!

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This Cat Falls Out Window Prank Is Really Brutal
Video of a guy pranking his girlfriend by making her believe their cat just fell out of the window.

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Funny Prankster Pretends To Bend People's iPhones
latest prank from fouseytube, trying to bend people's ipnes.

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Shampoo prank showers man with frustration
Video of a man trying to remove shampoo from his hair, while a prankster continues to add shampoo to his hair.

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9-Year-Old Boy With A Cigarette Asks Strangers For A Light (Video)
Boy pranks adults by asking for a lighter to light his cigarettes.

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