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Spurs mascot chases and catches loose bat ... while wearing a Batman costume
The Spurs' mascot catches a bat flying around the stadium, before a recent game against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

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These Are All The Dances Awkward White People Totally Ruined In 2015
A quick glance at the popular dances that white people ruined in 2015.

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Caught On Camera: Tornado Rips Through Dallas, Texas! (Leaves At Least 11 Dead)
A huge tornado touches down near Dallas, TX - leaves tons of damage, and kills more than 10 people.

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Watch Surveillance Video Of The Two Chicks Who May Have Stolen $750,000 Of Jewelry From Knicks Derrick Williams
Surveillance footage shows two women who allegedly robbed $750,000 worth of jewelry from Knicks forw

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Teens Give Incredible Gospel Performance Of Hotline Bling In Walmart (Video)
A group of teens sing a wonderful gospel infused version of 'Hotline Bling' whilst walking through a Walmart.

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The Best News Bloopers Of 2015 Are F*cking Hysterical (Video)
A compilation of the funniest news bloopers to hit the airwaves in 2015.

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This Mailman Gets Attacked By A Pack Of Wild Turkeys Every Single Day (Video)
A mailman in a small town says that a group of turkeys attack him while on route, every single day.

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Oklahoma City Cop Who Raped 13 Black Women Cries Like A Baby During Sentencing! (Jury Recommends 263 Year Sentence
A former Oklahoma police officer is found guilty of rape - cries while his verdict is being read.

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If only we could all be this happy! Joyous moment orangutan rolls around in hysterics after watching a disappearing trick
an orangutan laughs hysterically when a magician does a simple magic trick using an unripened chestnut.

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Chimp versus chump as motorcyclist gets into fist fight with monkey
a motorcycle fights a monkey in thailand for peeing on and biting the bike's seat.

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Miami Beach Police Shoot And Kill Bank Robbery Suspect On Alton Road As Bystander Films
police officers sot a shirtless man in miami for refusing to comply with their orders.

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21 Things White People Ruined In 2015
A brief rundown of the things white people totally ruined in the year 2015.

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Poor Kid Sitting Courtside At The Baylor Game Takes A Direct Shot TO THE NUTS On Live TV
a kid takes an unexpected st to his genitals while on live tv.

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Baby gets life-saving liver donation from 'Star Wars' fan
An ailing child receives help from a "Star Wars"-loving stranger.

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Two Terrorists Dead, Seven Under Arrest In Dramatic Early Morning Police Raid On A Paris Suburb
cameras capture a chaotic scene in france as police raid a suburb looking for suspected terrorists.

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