2015 Pranks

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watch what happens when you sit on a strangers lap!  lol

Extreme Sitting On People Prank! (GIRLS EDITION)
watch what happens when you sit on a strangers lap! lol

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This insane car flip prank got a YouTube star in trouble with his mom big time
YouTube star Vitaly pranks his Mom in Dubai by with this professional stunt driver prank.

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Anonymous Is Threatening YouTube Star Sam Pepper Over A Prank Video Where He Pretends To Murder His Best Friend
youtuber sam pepper is threatened by an alleged member of the hacktivist group anonymous for a recent controversial prank video.

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i know it isn't mine, but i'll raise it as my own

i know it isn't mine, but i'll raise it as my own

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Watch As Prankster Pretends To Be Beheaded In This Freaky Halloween Prank
this over-the-top prank features a magician pretending to be beheaded in front of strangers ping by.

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This ballboy has no idea the Chicago White Sox pranked him
A Chicago White Sox ball boy is pranked by members of the team and he has no clue.

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These Wild Pranksters From Mexico Are Truly On Another Level (Video)
watch a group of pranksters completely disrespect unsuspecting strangers with pies to the face, water buckets to the head and more

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Prankster Tricks Innocent People Into Breaking Into A Strangers Car (Video)
a 't chick' pranks unsuspecting strangers into breaking into a car.

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Friends Prank This Sleeping Guy By Filling His Mouth With Twizzlers (Video)
A sleeping man wakes up to a mouth full of candy, delicately placed in his wide open mouth by his prankster friends.

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This Fake Game Of Catch Prank Is So Simple, Yet So Utterly Hilarious
Prankster Tom Mabe tricks strangers into thinking he is catching baseballs over their heads.

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Woman With A Fake Penis Tries To Get Guys In This Hilarious Prank (Video)
a girl pranks guys with a fake on the venice beach boardwalk.

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Pranksters Go To EDC In Vegas To Pretend Like They’re Selling Drugs, But Really It’s Just Tic Tacs And Altoids
pranksters approach ravers with fake drugs to see w will be willing to buy.

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Watch This Prankster Hilariously Make Strangers Uncomfortable - The "How Close Is Too Close" Prank
A prankster approaches seated strangers in the park and captures their funny reactions of discomfort when she gets a bit too close

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Hot Bikini Girl Asks People To Put Lotion On Her, But, Uh, Shes Got A Poop Stain On Her Butt
a prankster on the beach asks people to put lotion on her while she has a poop stain on her bikini bottoms.

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WTF? Guy Actually Considers Selling His GF To Prankster For $11,000 (Video)
a prankster asks a stranger to have a rendezvous with his girlfriend for $10,000.

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