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FACTORY TRAGEDY: Horrific moment factory worker is crushed to death after she slipped and fell under forklift
woman tries to pull forklift back down as it tips over in accident inside wareuse in eastern chinese city of taizu

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This Plane Engulfed In Flames On Runway Will Make You Never Want To Fly Again
American Airlines flight 383 blew out a tire on one of Chicago O'Hare's runways as it caught on fire

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Commuters smash window to escape smoke-filled Boston subway train
Dozens of commuters were forced to smashed windows to flee a smoke-filled subway train during the evening rush hour in Boston

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Horrifying moment a firefighter falls down 30ft during a bungled helicopter rescue attempt in Hawaii
a firefighter suffers a devastating fall while trying to rescue a hiker in hawaii.

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BREAKING: NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station Causing Possible Mass Casualties And Major Structural Damage
A NJ Transit train struck a wall in the Hoboken Terminal with mass casualties.

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Driver miraculously survives after losing control of garbage truck and plummeting 100 feet off a bridge
A dump truck driver loses control of his vehicle, falls over a bridge, yet still manages to survive.

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Police Officer Risks His Own Life Saving A Child As They Are Hit By A Car
Police officer escapes after getting hit by car as he saves the life of a child.

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Video: Dashcam footage shows car drive off Angeles Crest Highway, tumble down mountain
A car crashes and flips off of the side of a mountain.

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26-Year-Old Cyclist Crashes Into High-Speed Train And Amazingly Survives (Video)
A cyclist sustains minor injuries after a collision with a train in Opole, Poland.

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Watching This $4.1 Million Supercar Crash Into A Wall Is Just Like Watching Money Burn
A driver in China crashes a car worth over 4 million US dollars.

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Man survives 'Horrific' crash that split car in half
a man survives a frightful car crash that split his car in half after a failed ping attempt.

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Fox Sports reporter hit by car while on live TV
A reporter in Mexico is struck by a car while reporting outside of an airport.

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A Porsche landed on top of another Porsche during the GT Tour's Navarra 2015
A crash in a GT race ends with one race-car on top of another.

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Pedestrian Gets Scared Of A Dog, Runs Into The Street and Gets Hit By A Van!
a man attempting to run away from a dog runs into a street and is struck by a van.

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Man Amazingly Walks Away From Airborne, Multi-Rollover Nürburgring Crash
A driver has a terrifying crash on a public track in Germany, escapes unscathed.

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