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Good samaritans form human chain to rescue man from burning car
At least half a dozen people help the man escape, dragging him to safety as the flames from the car grow higher

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Watch Elon Musk's SpaceX Rocket Explode With Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook Satellite Onboard
Mark Zuckerberg Upset at Elon Musk Over SpaceX Explosion

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Moment daredevil skydiver Luke Aikins becomes the first man to jump 25,000ft from a plane and land safely WITHOUT a parachute
An American skydiver has become the first to jump 25,000 feet from a plane without a parachute and land in a net. Read more: http

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Love Is Blind: Couple Making Out at Bar Continue to Kiss During Armed Robbery
a pair of lovers making out at a montana bar, are totally oblivious to an armed robbery happening right in front of them.

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This Video Of A Woman 'Disappearing' On Live TV Has Gone Viral, See If You Can Figure Out The 'Magic'
Footage of a woman "vanishing" during a live TV broadcast freaks out the internet.

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A Knife-Wielding crab had an epic showdown with a human
This crazy viral footage shows a crab brandishing a knife whilst trying to make an escape.

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A 350-pound inflatable pumpkin made a great and daring escape from its patch
A large pumpkin inflatable terrorizes traffic in Arizona after getting loose from a Halloween display.

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The killer rat of Brooklyn: Vicious rodent is filmed attacking and killing a PIGEON on NYC street in front of shocked passersby
a rat kills a pigeon in the streets of ny, then drags the huge bird away to feast.

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Video: NJ Bear Who Walks Upright Is Coming To Steal Your Honey
A bear is captured on camera numerous times walking on two legs in New Jersey.

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Dramatic moment workman is blasted by a steam explosion that sends him hurtling out of a manhole in California
A contractor in California is blasted out of a manhole when a pipe bursts.

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Huge spider explodes into hundreds of baby spiders in horrifying video
Spider explodes as hundreds of babies emerge from its corpse

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Alligators have learned to climb fences and it's over for all of us
an alligator in florida is captured on camera climbing a fence to get into a pond.

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'Drunk man violently restrained by fellow plane passengers after he hassles woman'
the drunk man was restrained by tse w were fed up with his behaviour and handed him to police on landing.

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Insane Footage Shows El Chapo’s Intricate, Million-Dollar Escape Tunnel
CNN's Anderson Cooper showcases the way in which Mexican drug lord "El Chapo" recently escaped from a maximum security prison.

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Watching a Theme Park Ride Almost Go Horribly Wrong Is Terrifying
A bungee cable on a theme park ride eerily snaps seconds before the ride is launched.

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