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A Dog Named Romeo Was Rescued From Debris 10 Days After Italys Earthquake
A golden retriever, had been trapped under rubble for 10 days, following the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.

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Watch how a terrified biker escaped an attack from an elephant
Biker narrowly escapes rampaging elephant in India.

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Watch gorilla's stunned reaction to seeing pictures of apes on boy's iPhone
He showed a gorilla photos of other gorillas on his phone. Watch the gorilla's reaction.

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Amazing Rescuers Save Kitten Dangling From Side of High-Rise Building (VIDEO)
A team of rescuers help to save a kitten from it's death on the side of a high-rise building.

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Cyclist freaks out after cycling through 'kangaroo apocalypse'
the creepy moment when a cyclist traveled through a large group of kangaroos in australia.

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'They took my floatie!' Stunned children watch family of bears cool off in their paddling pool
A family of bears take over a pool in a residential backyard in New Jersey.

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Little Girl Gets Cracked By A Pony On Live TV
a small girl is kicked in the front by a pony while being interviewed by a local news reporter.

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Brothers Save Shark With Hooks Caught In Its Mouth At A Florida Beach (Video)
A dying shark is saved by two brothers on a Florida beach when they remove fishing hooks from its mouth.

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cool but weird: poooooooo
Alligator Killed By Electric Eel While Trying To Eat It (Video)
an incredible video of an alligator being scked to death after biting an electric eel.

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A Mama Rabbit Went Totally Insane On A Snake That Attacked Her Baby Bunnies
A mother rabbit pounces on a snake who attempts to nab her young.

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WATCH: Bear Attacks and Kills Deer in Family Backyard
a video appears to sw a grizzly bear brutally killing a deer in a residential area.

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Scuba Diver Gives No F*cks, Leaves Cage To High Five Great White Shark (Video)
a scuba diver boldly gets a high five with one of the largest great white sharks ever to be caught on film.

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Virginia Hunter Films Bobcat Right Before It Charges At Him (Video)
A bobcat charges a turkey hunter after spotting the fully camouflaged man in the woods.

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Man is Bitten by Snake After He Steps On it While Texting (VIDEO)
CCTV captures moment man steps on and gets bitten by a snake while distracted by his cell phone in flood-hit Oklahoma.

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Pig Falls Through Ceiling Of Hong Kong Store (Video)
A Hong Kong shopping mall received an unusual visit when a wild boar wondered in and got trapped inside a clothing store.

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