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A Dog Named Romeo Was Rescued From Debris 10 Days After Italys Earthquake
A golden retriever, had been trapped under rubble for 10 days, following the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.

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Is he barking mad? The heart-stopping moment a speeding 4WD race car jumps over a dog on a dirt track
Incredibly lucky puppy dodges speeding rally car by mere inches.

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This Hero Who Risked His Life To Save A Dog Hanging From A 10-Story Hotel Balcony Deserves All The Beers
A man bravely saves a dog hanging from a building balcony.

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Mountain Lion Viciously Attacks Family's Pet Doberman In A Fight For The Ages
a mountain lion and doberman fight outside of a family's me in california.

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This Burglar's Going To Think Twice About Entering A Property With A Guard Dog Again (Video)
a guard dog stops a would-be robber in his tracks with a vicious attack.

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WATCH: Italian Sailors Rescue Puppy Lost at Sea
A puppy falls overboard while at sea and is rescued by a group of sailors.

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Hunter jumps into freezing water to rescue dog
A hunter in Sweden swims a semi-frozen lake to rescue a dog.

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Watch a stray dog help a group of kids jump rope
A stray dog plays jump rope with kids in Brazil.

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Heroic Guy Breaks Through Frozen River To Save A Dog Trapped In Ice (Video)
A dog owner rescues a stray dog that was somehow in the middle of a frozen river.

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Why Everyone Is Scared Of Pit Bulls - This Brute Pit Climbs A LADDER! (Video)
Video of a humongous Pitbull climbing a ladder during training.

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An Unfair Fight Ends Quickly When A Pitbull Jumps In[VIDEO]
a pitbull intervenes in a fight where three girls were attempting to fight against one.

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Heroic Dog Jumps Into Action When It Thinks Somebody Is Drowning
A brave dog makes sure to jump in to save his owner when it gets worried his owner may be drowning.

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Friendly Dog Rides The Bus By Herself All The Time To Get To The Park (Video)
An amazing dog knows how to use a bus system in her small city in order to go to the dog park.

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WTH?! Dog Teleports Out Of Nowhere During A Street Race In Chile (Video)
A video may or may not show a dog appearing out of nowhere during a drag race in Chile.

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4-Year-Old Girl Controls 6 Pit Bulls Like A Boss During Feeding Time (Video)
A very young girl shows how she controls and feeds her pit-bulls during feeding time.

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