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This Viral Video Of A Huge Spider Eating A Mouse Alive Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
A large mouse getting eaten alive by a gnarly Huntsman spider as it scales a mini-fridge reminds us nature is scary!

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Insane Rogue Wave Takes Out More Than 100 Beachgoers On The Australian Coast
Incredible footage has emerged online of the moment a hugewave slammed into a group of people at a popular Aussie swimming hole.

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This Video Of A Bridge Collapsing Shows Just How Dangerous The Chennai Floods Are
A bridge connecting two small Indian towns collapses during a dangerous flood.

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Surveillance video in China shows four pedestrians swallowed by sinkhole at city bus stop
Four people waiting for a bus in Northern China are swallowed by a four meter deep sinkhole.

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Watch The Terrifying Moment Lightning Strikes A Plane
Lightning strikes an airplane full of passengers before it is set to take off.

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cool but weird: poooooooo
Alligator Killed By Electric Eel While Trying To Eat It (Video)
an incredible video of an alligator being scked to death after biting an electric eel.

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A Mama Rabbit Went Totally Insane On A Snake That Attacked Her Baby Bunnies
A mother rabbit pounces on a snake who attempts to nab her young.

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Animals See Themselves In A Mirror For The First Time And It’s Hilarious (Video)
Wild animals react to seeing their reflections in a mirror.

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Footage Of The Crazy Flash Flood In Texas Invading A Home Is Terrifying
Short video of a flash flood destroying a home in Texas.

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Guy’s iPhone Falls To Bottom Of The Ocean And Records The Entire Journey (Video)
A guy drops his iPhone into the ocean on accident, and it records a cool video while submerging to the bottom.

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3 kids injured when waterspout uproots bounce house on Florida beach (VIDEO)
a waterspout hits the sre of a fort lauderdale beach and takes out a bounce use with kids inside of it.

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This Horrifying Video Captures The Moment An Avalanche Hit Everest Base Camp
german climber films wall of snow as it demolishes camp in himalayas.

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Buffalo Explodes A Car Tire While Trying To Escape A Lion Attack (Video)
a car in a safari trek has a car tire burst by a buffalo attempting to escape from a lion attack.

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Insane Images Of Volcano Erupting In Chile Look Like The Apocalypse
The Calbuco volcano erupted Wednesday for the first time in more than 42 years, billowing a huge ash cloud over Souhern Chile.

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Tourists horrified as crocodile snatches local shop owner's pet dog from a marina and calmly swims around with it for HOURS
A disturbing video shows a crocodile swimming a marina with a person's dog in its mouth.

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