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Shocking video shows a giant hippopotamus attacking car
A South African hippo destroys are professional golfers car in a scary attack

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Unreal And Frightening Videos Of People Escaping Vast, Historic Wildfires In Gatlinburg, Tennessee Look Like A Disaster Movie
A historic wildfire has annihilated everything in its path of destruction in Great Smoky Mountain National Park

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A Miracle Just Happened On The Price Is Right, Contestants Beat 1 in 8,000 Odds During A LIT Showcase Showdown
Contestants on The Price is Right make history with three-way tie

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Exchange Student From Ohio Sings in Perfect Korean Leaves Judges in Tears
An exchange student from the United States blows away a Korean crowd in a singing competition.

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Watch This Insane Driver Back His Car Out Of A Transporter Truck That Is Breathing Hellfire
The shocking moment when a truck driver reverses a new car off of his transporter truck which was in flames.

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Man Hailed Hero For Saving Total Stranger From Burning Car
A Santa Clara man is being called a hero after saving a total stranger, who appeared to be under the influence, from a burning car

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Researcher blown through air by 109-Mile-Per-Hour New Hampshire winds
A weather observer braves 100+-mph winds during a storm in New Hampshire.

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Texas AandM Pulled Off The Most Insane Comeback In Just 35 Seconds
Texas A&M basketball team comes back from a 12-point deficit in the final minute of a historic 'March Madness' thriller.

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Convenience Store Clerk Grabs Baby Before Mother Collapses From Seizure
Clerk grabs baby from woman before she collapses.

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Amazing Dolphin Rescues Womans Phone After Its Dropped In The Ocean (Video)
A woman's phone is rescued in the Bahamas by a dolphin, after being accidentally dropped into the Atlantic by her friend.

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Heroic Cops Save Driver Moments Before A Train Crashes Into His Car (Video)
Two California police officers help pull a wrecked driver out of his car right before the car is destroyed by an oncoming train.

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Angry cyclist lifts car out of cycle lane with his bare hands
A video has been published online showing a burly cyclist's perfect reaction when a motorist parked in a cycle lane

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A 10-Month-Old Baby Is Rescued After Drifting 2 Miles Away From Turkish Coast In Flotation Device
A baby in a child's inflatable is rescued by the Turkish Coast Guard after drifting a km away from the shore.

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‘The Lion King’ And ‘Aladdin’ Casts Have A Sing-Off During Flight Delay (Video)
The casts of two Broadway shows have a 'sing-off' while stuck in LaGuardia Airport during a flight delay.

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Insane Images Of Volcano Erupting In Chile Look Like The Apocalypse
The Calbuco volcano erupted Wednesday for the first time in more than 42 years, billowing a huge ash cloud over Souhern Chile.

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