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This Is Being Called The Craziest Great White Shark Encounter Ever Filmed So Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown
Horrifying video shows great white shark break into steel cage with diver inside

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One Man Single-Handedly Tries To Heal The Entire City Of Charlotte By Hugging Cops During Riots
Ken Nwadike tries to soothe animosities with an unconventional weapon by giving cops a hug.

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Emotional Moment When Star Quarterback Gives His Homecoming King Crown To Friend With Cerebral Palsy
A Texas teen brings onlookers to tears when he gives his homecoming king title to a classmate suffering from Cerebral Palsy.

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U.S. Soldier Immediately Stops Pole Vault Attempt After Hearing The National Anthem Play In The Background
U.S. Olympian and Army reservist hears national anthem, stops in the middle of pole vault attempt to face the flag.

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French Athlete Poops His Shorts and Collapses But STILL Finishes Rio Olympics Race Walk! Watch If You Can Stomach It!
an olympic athlete poops his pants during a race and continues to push on to finish.

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(Dramatic Video) A Family Of Four Jumps From Their Burning Home To Safety
A family of four jumped from the fifth floor of their burning apartment building in Strunino, Russia, on May 22.

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WATCH: Aaron Rodgers, Chris Paul nail trick shots, debate Dez's catch
It's trick shot time with Chris Paul and Aaron Rodgers!

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Aaron Rodgers throws miracle Hail Mary as Packers steal win thanks to controversial Lion's facemask
The Green Bay Packers complete an incredible Hail Mary pass for the win during a recent game against the Lions.

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Odell Beckham Jr. Just Made Twitter Explode With This Ridiculous Catch (Video)
Odell Beckham Jr. makes an incredible catch against the Washington Redskins, which sets social media on fire.

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Miami Hurricanes Win Game With Miracle 8 Lateral Kickoff Return And OMG!!!
Miami Hurricanes amazing kickoff return for a winning touchdown with no time left on the clock.

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Stanford’s Francis Owusu Made The Best Catch Of The CFB Season On A Double-Reverse Off The Back Of A Defender
a stanford wide receiver makes an incredible touchdown catch using the back of a defender.

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High School Football Player Performs Amazing Onside Kick (Video)
A high school kicker pulls off a very bizarre onside kick to help his team secure a victory.

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Couple Films Their Dramatic Escape From Massive California Fire (Video)
A YouTube user uploads the footage he filmed while escaping a massive fire in California.

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Watch gorilla's stunned reaction to seeing pictures of apes on boy's iPhone
He showed a gorilla photos of other gorillas on his phone. Watch the gorilla's reaction.

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Brave man shot dead after saving hostage from gunman
police st and killed a gunman after he opened fire on a meless man during a stage situation in brazil.

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