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These Guys Decided To Surf On A Train In Paris And Theres An Insane Video
Crazy guys decided to quite literally hop on top of a train in Paris while it was moving!

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This Is Being Called The Craziest Great White Shark Encounter Ever Filmed So Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown
Horrifying video shows great white shark break into steel cage with diver inside

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'Good People Doing The Right Thing': Group Of New Yorkers Stop Mugger (Video)
a group of vigilant new yorkers stop a mugger in his tracks and ld him until police arrive.

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Shocking video of unsuspecting pedestrians falling into a sinkhole may give you nightmares
A sinkhole in Seoul, South Korea swallows two commuters randomly as they depart from a bus.

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Watch the epic finale of Dubai's New Year's firework display
The city of Dubai puts on a record breaking show for the 2015 New Year celebration.

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Video: Marine survives Taliban sniper headshot thanks to helmet
video of a marine being st in the head by a sniper, and the helmet stopping the bullet before it could cause any damage.

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WATCH: Man rushes back into burning home to save family dogs
video of a man going inside of his burning me to rescue his dog.

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Incredible Video Captures Volcano Eruption In Japan, Climbers Fleeing For Their Lives
Mt. Ontake volcano erupted Saturday in Japan, sending a massive ash cloud into the sky. At least 8 people were injured.

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This Whole School Coordinated An A Capella Song And It's Incredible
This room full of students at Maluafou College in Apia, Samoa sing and clap along to a hymn in complete and utter unison.

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These Dancers Waltzing Across The Side Of A Building Will Take Your Breath Away
The stunt requires the duo, while suspended in air, to waltz alongside Oaklands City Hall building.

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YOLO: Math Teacher Catches 17-Foot Anaconda With His Bare Hands
Maths teacher Sebastien Bascoules captured a massive 17ft anaconda which ate his friends dog in French Guiana.

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The Forecast Calls For Spiders in Brazil
Brazilian man captures rare footage as thousands of spiders rain down from disrupted nearby web.

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This Compilation Of The Years Best GoPro Videos Will Make You Want To Do Epic Sh*t
Luc Bergeron compiled 178 of 2014s best GoPro clips. The compilation will definitely inspire your next great journey.

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This May Be The Worlds Scariest Selfie Ever
Photographer and friends shoot daring selfie video atop one of the tallest buildings in the world, at a staggering 1,135 feet!

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This Stray Dog Was Hit By A Car. You'll Be Shocked To See Who Saved The Day.
This video features the recovery of a stray dog who was hit by a car and found refuge under a homeless man's cart.

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