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A Couple Of Bystanders Saved A Woman From A Burning Car After An Out Of Control Semi Caused A Ten Car Pileup
A dramatic video shows rescuers pulling a woman from a burning vehicle moments after a crash.

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These Inmates Literally Broke Out Of Jail To Save Their Guard's Life
Jail inmates save a guard's life by literally escaping from jail and calling for help.

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Good Samaritans Rescue Man Who Fell On Subway Tracks At City Hall Station
Three bystanders lift a man off of subway tracks in a heroic moment.

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Police Officer Risks His Own Life Saving A Child As They Are Hit By A Car
Police officer escapes after getting hit by car as he saves the life of a child.

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Guy Nearly Gets Broken In Half After Some Dude Powerbombed Him During Fight
a guy is violently slammed against a concrete floor during a brief scuffle.

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Watch This Hero Pedestrian Take Down A Criminal Running From The Cops With One Foot
a bystander stops a suspect being chased by police with a swift leg trip.

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LaVine And Gordon Star In One Of The Best NBA Dunk Contests, EVER!
NBA stars Aaron Gordon and Zach LaVine put on a show at 2016's NBA Slam Dunk Contest.

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Video shows tourist illegally climb Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt
18-year-old, Andrej Ciesielski, from Munich illegally climbed the 4,500-year-old pyramid on the outskirts of Cairo.

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Seeing A Tree Get Hit By Lightning Is Like Watching A Dang Bomb Go Off
Incredible video of lightning striking a tree in Texas.

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Bro Gives Shivering Homeless Dude The Shirt Off His Back On NYC Subway
Warm-hearted man at New York subway gives his t-shirt and hat to a homeless man.

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Deer flips in air, survives collision with police cruiser
a police cruiser collides with a deer, flipping the large animal into the air in a small ky town..

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New Paris Attack Video: Restaurant Sprayed With Bullets, Lucky Woman Escapes
scking video footage of a terrorist attack in paris at a restaurant sws a woman's miraculous escape.

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It's A Miracle This Skier Is Alive After Falling 1,600 Feet Down The Face Of This Mountain
A skier takes a 1,600 foot tumble along the side of a mountain and survives.

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Insane Footage Shows Skydiver Setting Her Own Parachute On Fire Mid-Jump Without A Single S**t In The World Given
a skydiver sets her parachute on fire during the middle of a jump.

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Wolf Attack on Swedish Hunting Dog Caught on GoPro
a hunting dog is attacked by wolves in the woods of sweden while moose hunting.

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