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Leaked footage of 'A Dog's Purpose' terrified German Shepherd forced into turbulent water
Leaked, chilling footage shows filmmakers apparently forcing one of the dogs into rushing in the upcoming film.

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This Teen Became A Meme After His Pure Reaction To Rare Animals In Class Went Viral
Watch student's hilarious reaction to seeing wild animals in science class

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Shocking video shows a giant hippopotamus attacking car
A South African hippo destroys are professional golfers car in a scary attack

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Heroic owner fights kangaroo who put his dog into a headlock
Man Sucker Punches Kangaroo In The Face After Catching It Strangling A Dog

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This Dog Is Going Viral For Trying To Clean Up His Own Pee With Toilet Paper
A puppy urinated on the bathroom floor and went for the toilet paper to clean it up.

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The internet can go home now because dogs have officially won the mannequin challenge
Exceptionally obedient dogs are nailing the mannequin challenge video

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These bald eagels getting stuck in the sewer drain in the perfect example of where America is heading
These Bald Eagles Stuck In A Sewer Drain Is The Most Florida Thing Of All Time

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A HUGE Poisonous Snake Was Found On A Flight To Mexico And Not ONE Person Jumped Out The Emergency Exit Door
A passenger recorded the footage of the snake falling from a plane mid flight

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Penguin Flips Out After Finding His 'Wife' With A Homewrecker Penguin
Homewrecker penguin fight over cheating wife goes viral and shocks the internet

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Guy Makes His Dogs Life By Dressing Up As Her Favorite Toy For Halloween
The joyful pup was surprised by her owner, who dressed up as Gumby and completely rocked her world.

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This Viral Video Of A Huge Spider Eating A Mouse Alive Is Pure Nightmare Fuel
A large mouse getting eaten alive by a gnarly Huntsman spider as it scales a mini-fridge reminds us nature is scary!

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This Is Being Called The Craziest Great White Shark Encounter Ever Filmed So Get Ready To Have Your Mind Blown
Horrifying video shows great white shark break into steel cage with diver inside

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Man caught on video repeatedly stabbing dog's face through fence at Houston home
rrible surveillance video captures man stabbing dog in near northside neighborod

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A Dog Named Romeo Was Rescued From Debris 10 Days After Italys Earthquake
A golden retriever, had been trapped under rubble for 10 days, following the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.

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Graphic Video Shows Baylor Wide Receiver Ishmael Zamora Beating Dog With Belt
a college football player is caught beating and kicking a helpless dog with a belt.

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