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This Guy Casually Sat In A Starbucks During A Flood And Became A Huge Meme
Photo of Starbucks staff awkwardly waiting for the old guy to finish up during a flood turns into a meme

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Female kicker on hit that went viral: 'I didn't really think it was that big of a deal'
Nina Mandell

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Singer Takes A Knee While Performing National Anthem At Kings Game
Leah Tysse took a knee while performing the song in solidarity with the ongoing protests of racial inequality and police brutality

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Guys Simple Act Of Kindness For Cops At NYC Bombing Scene Is Going Viral
A Starbucks employee offered officers who were guarding the bomb scene on 23rd Street free coffee and pastries.

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New Jersey cop saves a suicidal man as he refused to get off train tracks
The heroic moment a transit cop saved a suicidal man as he refused to get off the tracks.

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DAD JUSTICE! Enraged Father Destroys His Daughters Audi A4 With A Bulldozer After Finding Her In The Car With A Boy
This is a video of an alleged father who is enraged after catching his daughter creeping with her boyfriend.

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Anthony Weiner Caught In ANOTHER Sexting Scandal As He Shares A Selfie In Bed With His Son!!
political figure antny weiner is caught in another sexting. this time while taking crotch selfies in bed with his son.

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Subway Riders Live-Tweet Chaos After Woman Lets Bugs Loose On Crowded Train
a woman throws a crazy fit on the subway and releases a large number of live crickets while doing so.

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Twitter’s reaction to 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s sitting out the national anthem
Colin Kapernick takes a stand against black oppression by sitting down during the national anthem and receives much backlash.

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Rare Pokemon Sparks Massive Stampede In Taiwan
Hundreds of Pokemon Go fans started running when the Snorlax monster appeared in the busy streets of Taipei, Taiwan.

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Usain Bolt Busted For Allegedly Cheating On His Girlfriend After Rio Groupie Shared Pics Of Their Hook Up On Social Media
a twenty-year-old student from rio has shared ptos of what appear to be her with usain bolt after a wild night of partying.

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Shocking bodycam footage shows cop pull passenger from car inferno (VIDEO)
The amazing moment when a police officer saves a man from a burning car.

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15 Best Memes of Conor McGregor Getting Revenge Against Nate Diaz
Social media reacts to Nate Diaz's loss to Conor McGregor in their second UFC match.

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U.S. Soldier Immediately Stops Pole Vault Attempt After Hearing The National Anthem Play In The Background
U.S. Olympian and Army reservist hears national anthem, stops in the middle of pole vault attempt to face the flag.

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Kate Bolduan Of CNN Starts To Cry Detailing Story Of Bloodied Syrian Child Omran Daqneesh
a news ancr begins to cry after sharing the footage of a 5-year-old syrian boy sitting, and bloodied from an airstrike.

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