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This video of a seemingly possessed toddler is freaking people the hell out
nanny cam video of a "possessed" toddler is freaking out the internet.

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Adorable baby pretends to cry as dad cuts her fingernails - but ends up laughing instead
The cute little girl was trying to scare her dad by pretending he was hurting her - but couldn't keep up the act for very long

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oh !

Careful what you say around babies
oh !

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Mom Walks In To Find Daughter Covered Baby Brother With Peanut Butter (Video)
Adorable footage shows a young girl smothers her baby brother in peanut butter.

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2-Year-Old Absolutely Loses Her Sh*t When Her Baby Sister Is Born (Video)
A devastated toddler throws a fit when she learns of her newly born sister.

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This Dog Realized In Mid Air That He Was About To Fall On A Child And His Face Is Priceless
A dog falls into a small child, and the face on the dog while doing so, is priceless.

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Father Sings Heartbreaking Song To Dying Newborn After Mother Dies (Video)
Touching video of a father singing to his newborn in the hospital while it was close to dying.

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Mirror mirror on the wall...

Wait for it ,funny
Mirror mirror on the wall...

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A Dad Filmed A Time Lapse Of His Daughter Learning To Walk And It's Absolutely Heartwarming (Video)
Adorable video of a toddler learning how to walk.

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Toddler Takes First Steps Despite Parents Being Told He'd Never Walk (Video)
Touching video of a boy with Muscular Dystrophy walking for the first time.

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Heres A Vine Of The Most Beautiful Baby In The World
Cool vine featuring baby model Aiden J. Garcia.

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Baby Discovers The Fastest Way Down The Stairs, And Its HYSTERICAL!
Cute video of a baby who goes on a mission, and overcomes the stairs, in order to get his bottle.

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Two Cute Little Babies And One Pacifier. Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen.
Adorable video featuring two twin babies sharing a pacifier.

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Beatbox by father and baby

Baby Beatbox
Beatbox by father and baby

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A 7-Week-Old Hears For The First Time. You Have To See This.
Touching video capturing a baby's first time reaction to hearing for the first time.

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