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Douchebag Fan Tries To Steal Sneakers Signed By Steph Curry Away From Little Kid
Two grown men tried to steal shoes signed by Steph Curry from a little kid

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WATCH: Dwight Howard challenges Lakers fan to a fight after loss
dwight ward challenges a fan to a fight after being called a b*tch

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Blake Griffin Throws Shoe And Hits Cory Joseph In The Face
Blake Griffin aimlessly throws a shoe during the Raptors vs. Clippers preseason game and nails Cory Joseph in the face!

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James Harden Drops 42, Confronts Heckler Accusing Him Of Flopping In Drew League Playoffs
James Harden hung 42 points at the Drew League and talked smack with fans.

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Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and Derek Fisher spent a whole afternoon disappointing children
Michael Jordan and company end the hope of receiving free shoes by kids present at Chris Paul's basketball camp

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WATCH: Harlem Globetrotter Swishes Shot From High-Flying NJ Thrill Ride
A Harlem Globetrotter makes an incredible trick shot while taking a 110 ft drop on the 'Sky Coaster' in New Jersey.

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Student’s Killer Crossover Dislocates His Teacher’s Knee In Front Of Entire School During Student-Faculty Basketball Game
A student shakes and bakes his teacher to the ground with a mean crossover during a game in front of their school.

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Kobe Bryant Puts Exclamation Point on Career with Surreal, Epic Finale
Kobe Bryant leads the Lakers to victory with 60 points in his last game ever.

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Watch Villanova fans lose their minds after Kris Jenkins' Buzzer-Beating shot
Villanova fans across the country go crazy when Kris Jenkins' nails a buzzer beater to win the game.

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Kent Bazemore takes scary fall after trying to dunk on LeBron James
Hawks' Kent Bazemore takes scary fall after a Lebron James foul.

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Shrek: Why does my mom hate me
Why: I want food
Iowa State Cheerleader Gets Blasted In The Face With A Basketball, Gets Escorted Off The Court In Tears
A cheerleader for Iowa State has to leave a game after being hit in the face with a basketball.

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Rockets use green man popping out of recycling bin to distract FT shooter
The Houston Rockets use a man coated in green to distract a free throw shooter.

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Crying Kentucky Band Girl Is This Years Saddest March Madness Fan
A UK band member experiences a bit of March 'Sadness' when her team is knocked out by Indiana in the second round.

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Texas AandM Pulled Off The Most Insane Comeback In Just 35 Seconds
Texas A&M basketball team comes back from a 12-point deficit in the final minute of a historic 'March Madness' thriller.

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A hoops player got posterized, then had to give his opponent a piggyback ride
A basketball player dunks over a defender, then lands on the embarrassed defender's shoulders.

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