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Students Surprise Teacher With Sneakers He Wanted In Adorable Viral Video
A class all pooled their money to buy their teacher a very special gift

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Guy Makes His Dogs Life By Dressing Up As Her Favorite Toy For Halloween
The joyful pup was surprised by her owner, who dressed up as Gumby and completely rocked her world.

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Twitter is killing off Vine!!! So here are some of the best Vines of all time!
twitter announced that they would be shutting down the their popular mobile video app vine

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Best Dad Ever Goes Makes Awesome American Ninja Warrior Course For His Daughter
Dad goes viral after bulding his daughter, 5, an epic 'Ninja Warrior' obstacle course

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WATCH: Proposal Turned Wedding Takes Internet By Storm #ForeverDuncan
#ForeverDuncan Is The Love Story We Need To See Right Now

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One Man Single-Handedly Tries To Heal The Entire City Of Charlotte By Hugging Cops During Riots
Ken Nwadike tries to soothe animosities with an unconventional weapon by giving cops a hug.

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Row Of Dudes All Yank On Girls Ponytail As Joke, One Guy Pulls Out A Chunk Of Fake Hair And Gets SMACKED Unconscious
Teen finds out the hard way why you should never pull a girl's hair in this hilarious viral video!

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Savage Snake Appearing On A Car Driving Down Highway Is Everyones Nightmare
Australian couple hilariously freaks out after snake hitchhikes on the front of their car

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A Dog Named Romeo Was Rescued From Debris 10 Days After Italys Earthquake
A golden retriever, had been trapped under rubble for 10 days, following the 6.2-magnitude earthquake that hit central Italy.

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Exchange Student From Ohio Sings in Perfect Korean Leaves Judges in Tears
An exchange student from the United States blows away a Korean crowd in a singing competition.

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Watch A Diaper-Wearing Monkey Attack A Walmart Employee In A Parking Lot Because, Hell, Why Wouldnt You?
A frightened monkey wearing a diaper freaks out on a Walmart employee.

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Michael Phelps Was In No Mood For The Local News’ Stupid Questions When He Landed Back In America
Michael Phelps gets super annoyed at local cameramen attempting to ask him silly questions when returning from the 2016 Olympics.

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Olympic Pole Vaulter’s Penis Slams Into Bar And The Video Will Make You Cringe
a pole vaulter's is his own worst enemy during an olympic jump.

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Sewage truck bursts, douses cars, road in human waste
Footage of a sewage truck exploding and sending flying poop water everywhere.

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Dolphin At SeaWorld Is Tired Of Everyone's Sh*t, Steals Womans iPad And Then Totally Dominates Her
A dolphin steals an iPad from a ladies hand and then splashes the crowd.

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