Brittish Insults

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In this section, we have added the most popular and best viral brittish insults from all over the Internet. We have searched all over the web and have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

Here you will find the best brittish insults. British is commonly misspelled Brittish. A British person is someone that comes from the UK and as with every culture there are stereotypes that people use as insults. Things like all Brits have tea with the queen or are related to the royal family, they all have bad teeth, all Welsh people have sex with farm animals and more.

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Things that are more entreating than watching the Royal Wedding
Things that are more entreating than watching the Royal Wedding

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Icelandic taxpayer to the Brits and the Dutch: Forget about Icesave, kiss my ash!

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American kid- "You're from the UK? Cool! So do you have tea with the queen?"

British kid- "Do you go to McDonalds with Obama?"

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What is the one thing that you can't get in Wales?

Virgin wool!

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Why do Welshmen think sheep are better than women?

A sheep doesn't care if you fuck her sister!

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