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People Can’t Get Enough Of This Guy’s Videos With His ‘Squad’ Of Deer Friends
a guy's videos featuring his relationship with a family of deer goes viral

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In this video, we have water balloon fights with strangers.

In this video, we have water balloon fights with strangers.

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Aladdin In Real Life: Watch This Epic Magic Carpet Ride Prank
A man dresses up as Aladdin for Halloween and rides a skateboard through the streets of NYC.

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Watch these kids pull off an amazing 12-Person pool dunk
Kids pull of an epic pool dunk using 12 different people.

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Random Softball Slugger Hits A Mind Boggling Behind-The-Back Home Run
A softball player hits a home run swinging the bat backwards.

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Man catches fish with bare hands on live TV
A man catches a fish in the flooded streets of Tampa, Florida.

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Skateboard fail to win

Ya boy never mess up!
Skateboard fail to win

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Watch This Video of a High School Dance-Off If You Want to Know Happiness
A pair of teens have a dance battle in the middle of a high school crowd, and an unexpected winner emerges.

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Coolest Bear Ever Waves To People And Casually Catches A Slice Of Bread (Video)
A super cool bear waves and catches a piece of bread thrown by a human in the most casual way.

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Violent Shootout In Chicago Caught On Tape
A group of teens in Chicago has an epic shootout with fireworks captured on video.

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Guy’s iPhone Falls To Bottom Of The Ocean And Records The Entire Journey (Video)
A guy drops his iPhone into the ocean on accident, and it records a cool video while submerging to the bottom.

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These High School Seniors Just Blew Every Other Graduation Ceremony Out Of The Water
The graduating class of Kahuku High puts on an epic dance showcase at their graduation ceremony.

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This Badass Cat Saved The Day By Catching A Bat In Midair
A cat saves the day by catching a bat that somehow got into its house.

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Watch: Former decathlete uses javelin throw to remove daughter's loose tooth
Olympian Bryan Clay uses javelin skills to pull daughter's tooth.

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Waka Flocka Breaks Up A Fight At His Show; Makes Fans Hug
rapper waka flocka makes two fans fighting at his concert hug each other.

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