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Rider Tries To Stop Driver Having A Stroke On The Highway
helmet cam footage captures a driver recklessly barreling down a florida highway while having a stroke.

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Driver Films Himself Going 115 MPH On Facebook Live And All His Friends Saw Him Get Seriously Injured After Crashing
20 yr old currently in critical condition while crashing on Facebook Live doing 115 on the highway

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BREAKING: NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station Causing Possible Mass Casualties And Major Structural Damage
A NJ Transit train struck a wall in the Hoboken Terminal with mass casualties.

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Somehow Three Police Officers Who Were Intentionally Targeted And Run Over By Speeding Car Are Alive
harrowing footage sws the moment a driver intentionally mows down three penix police officers.

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A Woman Trying To Parallel Park Her Mercedes Instead Drives It Up And Over The Hood Of A Ferrari
a woman accidentally reverse parks her vintage mercedes on top of a ferrari 458.

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Rio Olympics 2016: Horror crash mars women's road race
A horrifying cycle accident has left Olympic cyclist Anna van Vleuten in intensive care, with 3 spinal fractures and a concussion.

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Inside Dubai's flaming passenger jet: Footage shows travellers STILL scrambling to collect their luggage from Smoke-Filled cabin
Terrifying video of evacuation of Emirates plane crash landing.

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Driver sideswipes Baltimore cop car while playing 'dumb a-- game' — Pokémon Go
Baltimore police say a driver who hit a cop car admitted that the accident was a result of his playing Pokmon Go in his vehicle.

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Motorcyclist hurtles off motorway overpass in horror crash and crushes both legs
a motorcyclist is sideswiped by a van and is knocked off of a bridge.

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Video shows motorcycle flipping after foam pad falls from boat
The shocking moment when a motorcyclist flips over after a foam pad falls from a boat on a highway.

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Amazing Train Driver Sprints Through Cars to Warn of Inevitable Crash
A train driver runs to alert his passengers three seconds before an impending crash.

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This Massive Cyclist Crash During A Race In Brooklyn Is Going Viral Because It Results In Utter Carnage
cyclists in brooklyn crash dramatically after a motorcycle stalls in the middle of the raceway.

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Drunken Russian Woman Rammed Into 17 Cars, All While Talking On Her Phone!
The shocking moment when an allegedly drunk woman talking on her cell phone crashes into 17 cars while parking.

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Hornblower ship crashes into San Diego dock, leaving three passengers injured
View the shocking moment a ship crashes into a packed San Diego dock.

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Driver miraculously survives after losing control of garbage truck and plummeting 100 feet off a bridge
A dump truck driver loses control of his vehicle, falls over a bridge, yet still manages to survive.

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