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Somebody Turned Cursing Tourettes Guy Into A Song Mashup And You Wont Make It Through This Video Without Laughing
internet users recreate a clic viral video featuring 'tourette's guy' in many hilarious ways.

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Cuba Gooding Jr. Seen Eating A Cell Phone During A Wild Night Of Dancing At Club Liv
cuba gooding jr. is seen pretending to eat a man's cell pne at a popular miami night club.

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This Cockatoo Bird Will Teach You How To Curse Like A Sailor In The Greatest Profanity Rant Ever
a atoo goes on a profanity-laden tirade when a man destroys its broken cage.

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WWE star Daniel Bryan makes incredible dance video to raise cancer awareness
A wrestling star records a dance video in honor of the #justkeepdancing movement.

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Watch This Woman Lose Her Goddamn Mind And Destroy A Gas Station Because They Ran Out Of Skittles
a woman allegedly rages through a convenience store because they ran out of skittles.

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Terrifying Ghost Subway Prank Will Make You Take A Cab Instead (Video)
a y professional subway prank in brazil features a female gst w scares the life out of pengers.

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Owl shows up in man's car to chill out and listen to music
Crazy footage of a wild owl riding along with two guys in a car, listening to music.

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'Intoxicated' Sri Lankan Man Lucky To Be Alive After Attempting To Fight Elephant
a drunken man in sri lanka is nearly killed when he tries to fight a wild elephant.

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The best of Thug Life compilation.

The best of Thug Life compilation.

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MMA Fighter Fires Hadouken On Opponent Before Pummeling Him
an mma fighter uses a move from the original 'street fighter' video game in an actual mma fight.

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Watch - This Guy Buries Himself In Two Feet Of Snow For This Viral Trend (#PUTEMINACOFFIN)
a funny clip of a man participating in the viral "put em in a coffin" trend with a little help from a recent blizzard.

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The fails supercut that actually hurts to watch
stunt master devin "supertramp" graham's compilation of crazy fails from the years 2014 and 2013.

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This Is Your Brain On Drugs - Watch A Guy Have A Terrible Time On His First Salvia Trip (Video)
a guy trips hard when he hits salvia for the first time ever.

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Colts mascot gets vengeance by beating Patriots mascot with inflatable chair
A spiteful Colts mascot playfully beats up the Patriot's mascot during a game of musical chairs at the NFL all-star event.

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Guy Reenacts Street Fighter By Destroying A Car With His Bare Hands (Video)
dressed as a character from the old street fighter 2, a guy attempts to recreate a bonus scene from the clic game.

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