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This Video Of A Bloodthirsty Koala Chasing A Woman Is Terrifying And Hilarious
Disturbing clip of a koala chasing after an Australian woman on a four wheeler.

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Watch: This Video Of An Irish Girl Passing Out On The Slingshot Ride Will Make Your Day
a young woman reacts to riding the world famous slingst ride.

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Who needs enemies? Prankster powers up CHAINSAW and holds it to sleeping friend's throat in terrifying prank
a guy is woken up by his friend with a running chainsaw on his neck in this over-the-top prank.

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Guy Left Hanging From Building After Failed Attempt To Woo A Woman
A Russian man attempts to woo a woman by climbing and hanging on her 8th story window, and fails miserably.

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the moment when videos.  must see.

"He fucked up.. "
the moment when videos. must see.

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Walmart Shoplifter Tries To Escape Through Ceiling, Footage Goes Viral
A shoplifter tries to escape Walmart by crawling through the store's ceiling.

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Thug Life - An Inebriated Kid Bad-Mouths Police When They Enter His Home (Video)
video of a drunk kid cursing out police as they try to question him for a crime inside of his own use.

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The fan reactions to the Super Bowl's wild ending are fantastic
this funny compilation sws different fan reactions to the game winning super bowl interception by the new england patriots.

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(WATCH) - A White Teacher Attempts To Justify Calling A Black Student A "N*gga" (#THUGLIFE Version)
The Thug Life version of an outrageous video showing a teacher spouting a racial epithet.

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The Moment Your Want Some Coke Prank Nearly Gets You Arrested
a group of pranksters trick police during a stop with a innumerable amount of "coke" in their truck.

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Trampoline Jumper Nearly Squashes Kid During Slow-Mo Backflip
A grown man almost crushes a small child while flipping on a trampoline.

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Watch This Dude's Emotional Plea For All Of His 'Thots' To Come Back In His Life (COMEDY)
a self-recorded cell pne video sws a man pleading and crying for all of the naughty women that left his life, to return.

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Hockey Stick Used In Fit Of Rage After Customer Doesn't Receive Package On Time
an irate customer aults a delivery man and his truck, after he doesn't receive the package he expects in time.

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Woman Slapping Raw Meat All Over Her Body Proves Twerking Is So Basic (Video)
a woman dances and twerks while composing a beat, made by slapping herself with raw meat.

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Huh? Female Explains How She Deals With Her Husband's Side Chick!
an alleged wife's exploits about her relationship with her man's side chick. viral video exposed.

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