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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over This Melania Trump Body Double Conspiracy Theory
People haven't been in this big of a debate since the dress debacle of 2015. Is this or is this NOT Melania Trump?

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11 People Injured At Ohio State University In Knife Attack, Suspect Dead, Campus Now Secure, All Classes Canceled
Ohio State University: Attacker killed, 11 hospitalized after campus attack

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Murder Suspect Posts Frightening Facebook Live Videos While Running From Police
an oklama man w is wanted for murder posted two videos on facebook live while on the run from police.

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BREAKING: NJ Transit Train Crashes Into Station Causing Possible Mass Casualties And Major Structural Damage
A NJ Transit train struck a wall in the Hoboken Terminal with mass casualties.

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People Are Pissed With This Dad Who Let His Daughter Bite The Warm, Quivering Heart Of A Deer
a hunter dad has his daughter bite a deer's heart, and it sparks outrage online.

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A Woman Trying To Parallel Park Her Mercedes Instead Drives It Up And Over The Hood Of A Ferrari
a woman accidentally reverse parks her vintage mercedes on top of a ferrari 458.

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Woman Live-Streams Boss Demanding Oral Sex If She Wants To Leave Early
woman secretly live-streams her boss demanding oral sex so that she can leave early.

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Mom Walking Baby In Stroller Has No Clue Couple Is Having Sex Next To Her
an outrageous couple has sex in a public park as an unsuspecting mom pushes her stroller nearby.

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Korryn Gaines, A 23-Year-Old Mother, Latest Black Woman Killed By Police
many are questioning the cirstances surrounding gaines death, after she was killed by police in her me.

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Watch bystanders form a human chain to rescue woman from Maryland flood
Maryland residents work together to help rescue a woman in historic floods.

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Watch The Exact Moment A Pipe Bursts And Poo Literally Washes Away A Barbecue
disgusting video sws w a neighbourod barbecue was ruined by a giant flood of sewage from a burst pipe.

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Three Officers Fatally Shot In Baton Rouge Louisiana
three police officers were fatally st in baton rouge by at least one person, dressed in black, walking down a highway with a gun

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There’s A Full-On Military Coup Overthrowing The Government In Turkey
Turkish military attempts coup to overthrow their president and government.

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Idiots Light Entire Fireworks Display on Fire Inside Phoenix Walmart
A small group of people light a fireworks display in Walmart, causing chaos.

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Busch Gardens Evacuated After Orangutan Escapes, Inevitable Animal Uprising Is One Step Closer To Reality
An Orangutan escapes from it's enclosure in the Busch Gardens theme park located in Tampa, Florida.

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