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This Baby Bro Copying Rocky Balboa's EVERY SINGLE Training Move Is Freaking Awesome
A two-year-old perfectly mimics Sylvester Stallone's famous Rocky II training scene.

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This Baby’s Reaction To Eating Bacon For The First Time Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again
A baby has an adorable reaction to his first taste of bacon.

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Baby monitor catches toddler singing Star Wars ‘Imperial March’
A toddler sings the famous Star Wars' tune 'Imperial March'

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This Precious Toddler Is Completely Horrified By Her Own Shadow (Video)
A little girl freaks out when she notices her shadow following her for the first time.

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These Babies Dancing To Beyoncé’s ‘7/11’ Will Make Your Entire Day
Two adorable twin babies dance to Beyonce's recent smash hit "7/11".

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Father challenges his adorable baby to a dance off, and this kid has some moves!

Too Cute: Dad Challenges Baby To A Dance Off!
Father challenges his adorable baby to a dance off, and this kid has some moves!

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Dad Uses His Adorable Baby For A New Take On A Christmas Jingle (Video)
A father enlists the help of his 6 month old baby to get in the Christmas spirit by collaborating on a well known Christmas Carol.

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Little Boy Seriously Confused When Meeting Twins For The First Time (Video)
A baby boy meets a set of twin babies, and is adorably confused.

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Dad Gives Baby Hilarious Fake Eyebrows And Mustache When Mom Is Away
When a father is left alone with his baby, he puts funny facial hair on said baby, and records his shenanigans.

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A Dad Filmed A Time Lapse Of His Daughter Learning To Walk And It's Absolutely Heartwarming (Video)
Adorable video of a toddler learning how to walk.

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Baby Flexing In The Mirror With His Dad Is Absolutely Adorable (Video)
Adorable video of a baby flexing in the mirror with his Dad.

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Heres A Vine Of The Most Beautiful Baby In The World
Cool vine featuring baby model Aiden J. Garcia.

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Baby Discovers The Fastest Way Down The Stairs, And Its HYSTERICAL!
Cute video of a baby who goes on a mission, and overcomes the stairs, in order to get his bottle.

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Two Cute Little Babies And One Pacifier. Cutest Thing I've Ever Seen.
Adorable video featuring two twin babies sharing a pacifier.

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Toddler And Dogs Choreographed Dance Shows Dogs Are Also A Girls Best Friend
Watch the little blondie, Charlotte, play with Zoe, her rescue Basset hound, on the deck of their home in the cutest way possible.

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