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Rider Tries To Stop Driver Having A Stroke On The Highway
helmet cam footage captures a driver recklessly barreling down a florida highway while having a stroke.

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Video released in fatal police shooting of unarmed Oklahoma man Terence Crutcher (WARNING - GRAPHIC)
oklama police release video in the aftermath of the soting death of an unarmed black man, terence crutcher.

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Sewage truck bursts, douses cars, road in human waste
Footage of a sewage truck exploding and sending flying poop water everywhere.

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Video shows motorcycle flipping after foam pad falls from boat
The shocking moment when a motorcyclist flips over after a foam pad falls from a boat on a highway.

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WATCH: Dash cam catches dramatic rescue of Alaska man trapped in burning SUV
police dash cam sws the amazing moment when a man is rescued from a burning vehicle.

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WATCH: Drunk Woman Drives Car With 15-Foot Tree in Hood
A drunken driver is arrested after hitting a tree and continuing to drive with the tree wedged in her car's hood.

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This crazy, crazy crash yesterday was captured on dashcam video
A chaotic crash in Canada leaves some very lucky passengers alive without any serious injuries.

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Bizarre accident sees woman flee car on busy motorway before it drives off on its own
A woman randomly exits her vehicle in the middle of a busy highway, causing it to go into the path of oncoming traffic.

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A Meteor Exploded Over Bangkok on Monday Morning
A recent dashcam video shows the shocking moment a meteor hits the Earth in Thailand.

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Dashcam Video Of Sandra Bland Arrest Shows Heated Confrontation
the video was released tuesday after texas officials promised a trough and transparent investigation into bland's death.

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Angry Driver Punches Motorcyclist In The Face, Immediately Regrets It (Video)
Motorist receives instant karma when he goes after biker in an apparent road rage incident.

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Watch This Muscle Car Self-Destruct While Trying To Show Off
a muscle car driver destroys his car in a matter of seconds while trying to sw off on the road.

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Woman Lights A Cigarette While Driving, And Whats The Worst That Could Happen? Well, This.
a russian woman attempts to light her cigarette mid-drive and somew lights her car on fire.

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Video Apparently Shows Police Pulling Over The Wrong Speeding Driver
A dash cam video appears to show a police officer pulling over the wrong speeding driver.

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Watch terrifying moment motorist passes out at wheel of his moving car
The man was driving on a dual carriageway when he suddenly passed out causing him to veer off the road in brand new car

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