David Bain Jokes

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The new David Bain drinking game: take a news paper and run around the block, go inside and have a shot in each room!

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Q. What do you call a sycophantic Bain supporter sitting in Joe Karams jacuzzi?

A. Juror #7

Funny News Today,  Murder Pun  

Im going to make like David Bain and shoot home.

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What did David Bain say when he went into KFC?
God I could murder a family pack

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David Bain should play for the All Blacks in the vacant number ten spot. Hed the leave the other first-five for dead.

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David Bain was pleased with the outcome of his trial, but was pissed off at the lack of family support

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Q. What do you call the fact that David had injuries consistent with a struggle, a glasses lens found in his brothers room, blood on his clothes and his fingerprints on the rifle?

A. A coincidence.

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