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You would think in this day and age nothing would surprise you anymore. Every so often a video will surface that leaves you speechless. Either it’s so amazing or so disturbing your brain can’t process how or why this ever even happened.

Here in this section we have added the most popular and viral disturbing videos from all over the Internet. We have searched all over the Internet and have taken the best ones we could find, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and added them here.

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'Killer clown' with huge knife caught on chilling CCTV footage trying to enter family home
Home video captures the frightening moment a knife-wielding clown attempts to enter a home.

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NBC Obtains Video of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott
the family of keith lamont scott release video of his fatal encounter with north carolina police.

Shocking,  Police News,  Fatal Shooting,  Police Brutality Videos,  

Somehow Three Police Officers Who Were Intentionally Targeted And Run Over By Speeding Car Are Alive
harrowing footage sws the moment a driver intentionally mows down three penix police officers.

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WATCH: Florida mom launches vile racist rant at black neighbors You should have stayed in Africa!
scking racist diatribe by bikini-clad woman caught on camera.

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Hero cop rescues shot mother and her children after father opens fire
heart-stopping moment hero cop rushes in to save the life of mother and her three young children after father opens fire.

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Watch The Exact Moment A Pipe Bursts And Poo Literally Washes Away A Barbecue
disgusting video sws w a neighbourod barbecue was ruined by a giant flood of sewage from a burst pipe.

Shocking,  Wtf,  Caught On Tape,  

Two schoolgirls set on fire in school play horror as stage prop bursts into flames
scol play stunt goes wrong, as students are set on fire.

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Man Fights to Put His Wife in The Trunk of His Car (Video)
An angry husband tries to put his wife in the trunk of the car for arriving home late.

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Stripper performs at 8-year-olds birthday party
a florida mom hires stripper for her 8-year-old son's birthday party.

Ratchet,  Wtf,  Parenting Fail,  Parent Fail,  

Watch This Trump Supporter Yell, "Go Back to Africa!" at African American Protesters
tp supporters yell racially charged insults at black live's matter protesters.

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Drunk man admits to driving car involved in fatal smash that killed cousin live on TV
the man went on camera and told the reporter he had been drinking but that his cousin was "drunker."

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Jerk beats girlfriend, then forces her to walk down street naked
man forces his cheating wife to walk naked down a new york street.

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Horrific video appears to show man swallowing a LIVE chick whole before washing it down with a beer
viral video appears to sw a man eating a live chick and downing the bird with a .

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Shocking footage emerges of fight between fans at Cardinals-Packers playoff game
fans fight at a packers and cardinals playoff game.

Sports,  Crazy Fight Videos,  Fight Videos,  Wow,  

New York City Hotel Video Apparently Shows Mattress Crawling With Bedbugs
this scking footage sws a tel bedbug infestation filmed by a california couple staying in new york.

Wtf,  Disturbing,  2016 News,  

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