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Kobe Bryant pulled off a hilarious Hidden-Camera prank with Ellen DeGeneres
Kobe Bryant told a doctor he had a sweating problem for an Ellen DeGeneres prank.

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Ellen got her hands on the presidential candidate's new campaign ad.

Bernie Sanders' 'Hotline Bling'
Ellen got her hands on the presidential candidate's new campaign ad.

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Bernie Sanders Plus Drake's 'Hotline Bling' Can Mean Only One Thing
Ellen Degeneres debuts a spoofed campaign ad of Bernie Sanders, featuring the presidential candidate dancing to 'Hotline Bling.'

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Ellens Kardashian Costume Just Won Halloween
ellen degeneres dresses up as a 'kardashian' for halloween

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Ellen DeGeneres' Parody Of Nicki Minaj Causes Outrage (Video)
A Nicki Minaj parody done in poor taste on the Ellen DeGeneres' show causes outrage on the internet.

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Funny parody of the upcoming Nicki Minaj sitcom by the Ellen Show.

Ellen DeGeneres Nicki Minaj Butt Parody
Funny parody of the upcoming Nicki Minaj sitcom by the Ellen Show.

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Watch Hillary Clinton Whip, Then Watch Her Nae Nae
Hillary Clinton attempts to do the 'Whip / Nae Nae" on The Ellen Degeneres Show.

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Jamie Foxx Explains Why His Version Of The National Anthem Was Terrible (Video)
Jamie Foxx explains what happened during his singing of the national anthem at the recent Mayweather and Pacquiao fight.

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Let 4-Year-Old Heaven King Give You Life With This 7/11 Dance Routine
YouTube celebrities Tianne and Heaven perform on TheEllenShow to Beyonc's 7/11.

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Will Smith Can Still Rap the Fresh Prince Theme Song and It Never Gets Old!
While on the Ellen DeGeneres show renowned entertainer Will Smith raps his theme song from 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

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Ellen Pays Homage To Kanye With An Epic Rap
Ellen Degeneres recites a rap song dedicated to Kanye West.

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Who's Got Better Pick-Up Lines, Ice Cube? Or Ellen?
video of ice cube and ellen battling each other with funny pick-up lines.

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Ellen Sent Apparently Kid To Meet Some Dinosaurs And It Was Joyous
This is a short video of the 'Apparently Kid' attending a huge dinosaur exhibit in Los Angeles.

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Ellen DeGeneres Spoofs Matthew McConaughey's Weird Lincoln Ad
ellen rides along with mcconaughey eating brownies and making suggestions about cyrus in her new lincoln commercial spoof.

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Anna Faris Prank Calls Chris Pratt On Ellen And Tells Him Shes Been Arrested
Anna Faris recently stopped by the show and prank called her husband convincing him she was in jail.

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