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In this section, you will find videos of some of the most epic failures. Here we have included the funniest and most epic fail video we have found all over the Internet. We have taken the best ones we have found, including the ones you guys have sent to us, and have added them here.

You will find twerk fails, fashions fails, wedding fails and so much more. Videos of things like a girl that is twerking in a moving vehicle and falls out, a bride who is thrown off of a horse during a wedding photo shirt and these are only a couple of the epic fail videos.

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Video: Cee-Lo Green nearly killed after Samsung Galaxy Note 7 explodes in hand
Surveillance footage captured the moment a Samsung phone exploded on Cee Lo's face!

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Driver Films Himself Going 115 MPH On Facebook Live And All His Friends Saw Him Get Seriously Injured After Crashing
20 yr old currently in critical condition while crashing on Facebook Live doing 115 on the highway

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YouTube 'star' stops NYC traffic for photoshoot, gets his windshield smashed
Coby Persin is doing a photoshoot in the middle of New York City traffic when his windshield is smashed!

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Man captures his own car crash on camera while filming himself singing at 70mph
We Can All Feel For Guy Who Crashes Car Because Hes Belting Out His Fave Song

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Horrifying Video Shows Teen Scalped By Ride While Trying To Take Selfie
video has emerged swing the rrifying moment after a girl got her scalp ripped off on a ferris wheel

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Blake Griffin Throws Shoe And Hits Cory Joseph In The Face
Blake Griffin aimlessly throws a shoe during the Raptors vs. Clippers preseason game and nails Cory Joseph in the face!

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Dropped The Ball: Yankees Fan Loses Ring In Botched Marriage Proposal In Front Of Millions
Guy planned to propose to his girlfriend at a Yankee's baseball game but dropped and lost the ring.

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This Teen Applied A Facemask For The First Time And Instantly Regretted It
young woman experiments with a facemask and ends up in excruciatingly hilarious pain!

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Things go horribly wrong as magician stabs presenter’s hand during trick on live TV
polish tv st's hand appears to get impaled on a nail when a dangerous game of russian roulette doesn't go as planned.

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Great balls of fire! Painful moment man sets his crotch alight after flaming alcohol stunt goes horribly wrong
a video of a young man accidentally setting his crotch on fire has gone viral and is spreading like wildlife across social media.

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Woman rips out huge chunk of hair attempting 'corn cob challenge'
A woman doing an internet challenge involving corn and a drill, accidentally rips out a huge patch of hair.

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WATCH: Ted Cruz Accidentally Hits, Elbows Wife In Face After Suspending Campaign
Ted Cruz accidentally hits his wife, and elbows her in the face during a concession speech in Indiana and Twitter reacts.

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Watch a Mississippi State player demolish a scared pancake mascot
A pancake mascot is knocked over in a recent college dunk contest.

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Roof Collapses During ‘St. Fratty’s Day’ Party At Cal Poly State — Students Partying On The Roof Get Wrecked
A roof collapses at an off-campus college party in California, leaving close to 10 people injured.

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Let's Laugh At These Jackass Soccer Medics Who Dropped A Player Because They Didn't Know How To Use A Stretcher
Two medics drop an injured soccer player while trying to remove him from the field.

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