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This Guy Couldn't Be More Unhappy To Have His Wife Give Him A Lap Dance
watch as a man sits in sadness through what may be the most unappealing lap dance ever.

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Roof Collapses During ‘St. Fratty’s Day’ Party At Cal Poly State — Students Partying On The Roof Get Wrecked
A roof collapses at an off-campus college party in California, leaving close to 10 people injured.

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Bow Wow Has Grammys 2016 Fail Trying to Start Show (Video)
Bow Wow tries to start the 2016 Grammy Awards early, a few times.

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Man falls down shaft after kicking elevator door
a drunk man falls down an elevator shaft, after kicking the elevator door.

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This Poor White Girl Will Never Recover From Getting Brutally Shot Down By Waka Flocka When Trying To Grind Him
A backstage groupie is shut down in epic fashion by rapper Waka Flocka.

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World's Worst Valet And Pauly D Look-A-Like Sets Lamborghini On Fire While Trying To Park It
A valet, joy riding a Lamborghini, accidentally catches the expensive sports car on fire.

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Hapless farmer attempts to kill his pig with an axe but ends up knocking HIMSELF to the floor with the weapon
farmer nearly knocks himself out trying to kill pig with an axe.

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How NOT to steal a Porsche: Hapless thief slashes his way into 75k car in broad daylight - but walks off after failing to start it
Man tries to steal porsche by cutting roof open.

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Feast Your Eyes On The Sorriest Excuse For A Gatorade Bath In The History Of Sport
football team members give one of the worst 'gatorade baths' in the history of football anywhere.

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What really happened......

What was supposed to happen in 2015
What really happened......

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Alex Rodriguez Broke A TV Screen After Throwing A Football On Fox NFL Sunday
Ex Yankees player Alex Rodriguez accidentally breaks a TV when he overthrows a football on the set of Fox NFL Sunday.

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Snapchat User 'Saves' Tortoise By Throwing It Into A Pond, Doesn't Realize It Can't Swim
A girl tries to save a tortoise from the road by throwing it into a pond, not realizing that the creature can't swim.

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MMA fighter's celebratory backflip goes horribly wrong
Darrion Caldwell does a backflip after a recent MMA victory and accidentally lands on a camerawoman.

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Girl Attempts To Stretch Her Ear, Rips It In Half Instead
girl rips her own ear after attempting to stretch it with gauge.

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Bad dad almost crushes child trying to catch Albert Pujols home run
A baseball fan almost crushes his young child while trying to grab a home run ball.

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