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All Bad: Montreal's First Snowfall Of The Year Causes Car Pile Up Which Includes A Police Patrol Vehicle!
Winter storm causes buses, cars and a snow plow to go crashing into each other

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Driver Films Himself Going 115 MPH On Facebook Live And All His Friends Saw Him Get Seriously Injured After Crashing
20 yr old currently in critical condition while crashing on Facebook Live doing 115 on the highway

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YouTube 'star' stops NYC traffic for photoshoot, gets his windshield smashed
Coby Persin is doing a photoshoot in the middle of New York City traffic when his windshield is smashed!

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Watch This News Reporter Accidentally Draw A Penis On Live TV
during a pictionary-esque game, a news reporter draws something too phallic for television.

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Suns dancer falls on his face after botched backflip, then keeps dancing
One of the Suns dancers attempted a backflip and anded right on his face

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The Internet Caught Trumps Son Stealing From In-N-Out Burger With This Photo
Donald Trump's son got a cup thats supposed to be used for free water, and instead filled it with what looks like lemonade.

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Man captures his own car crash on camera while filming himself singing at 70mph
We Can All Feel For Guy Who Crashes Car Because Hes Belting Out His Fave Song

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Dropped The Ball: Yankees Fan Loses Ring In Botched Marriage Proposal In Front Of Millions
Guy planned to propose to his girlfriend at a Yankee's baseball game but dropped and lost the ring.

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These Party Girls Are Going Viral After No One Wanted To Sit By Them On Plane
Passengers were unlucky enough to get stuck next to some pretty awful-sounding girls

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For The First Time Since He Started His Campaign, Someone Shut Donald Trump The Hell Up (And Theres Video)
A pastor went up to Trump mid speech & reminded him that he was there to thank the pastors, not "give a political speech."

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Toxic Woman Has Meltdown After Son Opens Camaro Door Wide And Dings Car Next Door
mom has a meltdown after her son dings the car next to hers.


A Woman Trying To Parallel Park Her Mercedes Instead Drives It Up And Over The Hood Of A Ferrari
a woman accidentally reverse parks her vintage mercedes on top of a ferrari 458.

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The Internet Reacts To Draymond Green Snapchatting His D*ck
draymond green accidentally posts a video of his on snapchat, and the internet roasts him.

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Driver sideswipes Baltimore cop car while playing 'dumb a-- game' — Pokémon Go
Baltimore police say a driver who hit a cop car admitted that the accident was a result of his playing Pokmon Go in his vehicle.

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