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People Are Freaking Out Over This Girl's Sad Picture Of Her Grandpa
A caring granddaughter adds a photo of her 'Sad Grandpa' to Twitter, and the tweet quickly goes viral.

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Bro Gives Shivering Homeless Dude The Shirt Off His Back On NYC Subway
Warm-hearted man at New York subway gives his t-shirt and hat to a homeless man.

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This 6-Year-Old Is Winning The Internet With Her Unbelievably Wise Message To Her Divorced Parents
A 6-year-old gives some deep advice to her divorced parents about getting along.

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What Happens When Kids Find A Gun On The Playground? (Video
A social experiment filmed in a neighborhood playground shows the reactions kids have when finding a gun.

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Father Teaches Lesson On Punishing Children With Embarrassing Haircuts (Video)
A father gives his opinion on parents giving their children embarrassing haircuts as punishment.

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This Mom Face-Planted During Her Daughters Proposal And Stole The Show
A mother falls clumsily in the moments before her daughter receives a proposal for marriage.

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Pics with family vs. Pics with friends
Pics with family vs. Pics with friends

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Returning Soldier Photobombs Son’s School Photo For Amazing Surprise (Video)
A young boy who thought he was going to get his school picture taken instead got the surprise, and the memory, of a lifetime

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Man vs pregnant woman: Brave husband winds up hormonal partner - watch what happens next
It's probably not the best way to treat your heavily pregnant wife - watch what happens when one man pushes the boundaries.

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Great Father Moment! A Man Makes His Daughter Admit To Stealing From A Store And Apologize Inside (Video)
A disappointed father takes his daughter inside of a store to admit her wrongs after she is caught stealing.

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Mom Freaks Out After Son Comes Home After Years Of Being Abroad (Video)
A mother reacts hysterically to seeing her world travelling son after years.

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Kanye West’s Touching New Video Features His Daughter, North West
Kanye West gives "The Ellen Degeneres Show" a sneak peek of the new video for his song "Only One."

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Seahawks Dad Ruins Baby's Birthday Song
while woman records a cute birthday song for her baby, a raging seahawks fan/father curses at the game in the background.

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(Watch) This Holy Ghost Filled Mom Is "Nothing To Play With" On A Car Ride
A funny spoof video shows a Mom hilariously going at her son while he drives her around town.

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frank, stay the  away from me, i have a family.
frank, stay the away from me, i have a family.

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