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choke me: UPDATE: i still wanna be choked
Beyonce 'Ordering Meme' Is the Best Thing on the Internet Right Now
Beyonce Just Birthed the Most Hilarious Meme With This Candid Restaurant Photo

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People Are Swooning Over A Sexy Chef Who Treats His Food Like A Lover
A video showing off this chef's knife skills quickly circulated on the internet and people are pretty much obsessed

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People are turning McDonald's holiday coffee cup into something NSFW
a guy just totally ruined mcdonald's liday cups with a simple drawing

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This Woman Brought Ice Cream To McDonalds Because Their Machine Is Always Out
social media star "tokyo vanity" brings ice cream to mcdonald's when their machine is down and the posts go viral.

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This Guy Was Only Worried About His Hot Pocket When A Shooting Broke Out
Watch a young guy hilariously talk about dropping his Hot Pocket snack after a shooting breaks out outside of his home.

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Serena Williams Ate Gourmet Dog Food and Instantly Regretted It
Serena Williams' Snapchat story shows her eating her dog's food.

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VIDEO: Arizona Del Taco manager fired after hostile interaction with customer goes viral
a fast food restaurant manager is fired after video surfaces online of him being vulgar with customers.

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Kellogg's Employee Urinates On Conveyor Belt (Video)
man urinates on a cereal conveyor belt at a kellog's factory.

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Giant Spider Found Kickin' It Inside Pre-Packaged Salad Mix
an australian man finds a huge living spider inside of a pre-packaged bag of salad.

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Watch a Reese's Peanut Butter cup undergo an Oreo transplant
A new YouTube Channel features life-altering surgery performed on food.

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Some Pizza Hut staffers rang in 2016 with — what else — bong hits at Pizza Hut
the staff at a california pizza hut smoke while working to celebrate the new year.


This Kid Ate A Whole Watermelon At The Cricket And Became A Huge Star
A 10-year-old Australian boy becomes an internet star overnight when he eats a whole watermelon at a sporting event.

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This Baby’s Reaction To Eating Bacon For The First Time Will Make You Fall In Love All Over Again
A baby has an adorable reaction to his first taste of bacon.

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This Guy's Reaction To Patti LaBelle's Pie Is Priceless
a youtuber reacts hilariously when he tries patti labelle's sweet potato pie.

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Video: Subway Rat Could Use A Little Help Lugging This Pizza Slice Down The Stairs
A huge New York City rat attempts to carry a large slice of pizza home on the subway.

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