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Football, as with any sport, has its shares of fails. Whether it’s a fumble, bad call from the ref, interception or dropping the ball in the end zone. The worst may be getting injured doing something stupid and ending up out for the season. These are just some of the jokes, videos and memes you will see of football fails on this page.

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leborn: why you always crying
Odell Beckham, Jr. Throws a Tantrum and Cries on the Sidelines As Giants Lose to Redskins
Odell Beckham fought a net and started crying after Eli Manning's game-changing interception

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Watch Texas AandMs Justin Evans Pop His Leg Back Into Place
Texas A&Ms Justin Evans popped his knee back in place on Live TV and I think I'm going to go throw up

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Watch Seattle Seahawks punter Jon Ryan break his face
Seahawks kicker Jon Ryan suffers a horrific face-plant when he is tackled after a bad snap.

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Here's The Dirty Hit Vontaze Burflict Pulled On Ben Roethlisberger That Was Never Shown On TV
video appears to sw the bengals' vontaze burfict, sneaking in a cheap st on pittsburgh qb ben roethlisberger.

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Penn State LB slams head into teammates' helmets pregame, bleeds all over the place
a penn state football player's head is left bloodied after he slams his head into his teammates w have helmets on.

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Michigan St. Connor Cook Straight-Up Disrespects Archie Griffin, Snatches Trophy Out Of His Hand, Snubs Handshake
Connor Cook the QB of Michigan State refuses to shake hands with Archie Griffin, after a Big 10 Championship win.

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Texas-Baylor game interrupted by massive Bench-Clearing scuffle
a huge scuffle takes place during a heated football game between texas and baylor.

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WMU’s Asantay Brown Leaves Game In A Stretcher After Dirty Blindside Hit To The Head By Toledo Player
Western Michigan cornerback Asantay Brown is forced to leave the football field after being stunned by a sneaky hit.

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Colin Kaepernick's terrible throw hit a guy in the face on the sideline
San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick hits someone standing on the sidelines with an errant pass.

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Redskins head coach blames the wind for why Kirk Cousins throws so many interceptions
Redskins head coach blames the wind for why Kirk Cousins throws so many interceptions

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Michigan State stuns Michigan by returning punter's fumble for TD on final play
The classic rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State ends with a very surprising fumble by the punter for a touchdown.

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Watch: High School Football Team Starts Celebrating -- A Tad Too Early (Video)
A high school football team celebrates too soon after blocking a field goal, and loses the game.

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St. Louis Rams' field catches on fire during pregame fireworks display
The St. Louis Rams field turf catches on fire because of pre-game fireworks.

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Ref falls over in endzone, accidentally tackles Kenny Britt
A NFL referee accidentally tackles a player after tripping. The referee also accidentally flags himself as well.

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Notre Dame defensive back suffers injury celebrating play
A defensive back for Notre Dame lands awkwardly and injures his knee after celebrating a play.

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